I am an Environmental Grants Manager at Arcadia Fund. Our environmental grants protect threatened biodiversity and landscapes, train conservation professionals, and make research freely available.

I have a DPhil (PhD) on strategic approaches to biodiversity conservation from the School of Geography and Environment, University of Oxford, where I studied as a recipient of a John Monash Scholarship from Australia.

I have worked in the UK, Australia and French Polynesia on natural resource management, policy advocacy and environmental monitoring and reporting projects. This has included coordinating the Great British Oceans coalition, managing the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership in the Great Barrier Reef, working with the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists and also PrometheusWiki at CSIRO Publishing/ANU.

Scuba diving, running, touch footy and travel keep me moving & discovering when I can!

Please drop me a line via email emmajeanmcintosh[at]gmail.com, or Twitter @EmmaJMcIntosh