Extended acknowledgements

A hell of a lot of wonderful people have been cheering me on for the last four years, and I didn’t have room to mention them all in my actual thesis, so here goes…

Thank you, to you wonderful, wonderful people:

In Oxford: Jaeyoung, Dina, Christine, Filipa, Xavi, Nina, Johanna, Prue, Genevieve, Jaime, Harriet, Emily, Jose Luis, Nico, Emily, Victoria, Rafa, Fabi, Franzi, Negar, Alice, Kevin, Theo, Walter, Pablo, Thomas, Jakob, Iliana, Anna, Akanksha, Serkan, Carlo, Annabelle, Homero, Agne, Kristiina, Cheli, Tarek, Ashley, June, Maria Luisa, Matt, Lesley, Mike, Evan, Katie, Karwei, Nina, Steve, Nikki, Alex, Alessandro, Basheerah, Kylash, Evan, Tom, Amy, Theo, Ian, Alex, Ruth, David, The Oxford Monash Coffee Collective.

In London / elsewhere in the UK: Alice, Ben, Megs, Joy, Alex, Bita, Yasmin, Ryan, Valerie, Colin, Sarah, Niamh, Juan Pablo, Esther, Gianfranco, Carolina, Ute, Dylan, Karina, Louisa, Alan, Kirsti.

In Australia / the world: James, Megan, Sheila, Basil, Karen, the extended Mac/Nash family, Mike, Annette, the East family, Jen, Jill, Karen, Alexa, Janet, Jennie, Claire, Ella, Sam, Steph, Lillian, Emma, Cat, Lawrence, Stina, Anders, Sophie, Mali, Peter, Judith, Rachel, Mark, Fran, Pinto, Helen, Nur, and my inspiring interviewees.

In Academia-land: John, Hugh, Jon, Jonas, Piero, Jorge, Julia, John, David, Andrew, EJ, Mark.

To my fantastic coauthors:

Bob, Bob, Brooke, Christian, Glenn, Jessica, Madeleine, Martin, Neal, Sam, Sam, Sarah & Steve.

I’m sure there are others I have missed (sorry!), or you may be below…

My formal acknowledgements section was constrained but full of key people:

“Enormous thanks to my supervisor Rich Grenyer, who let me run with this but was always ready to assist and prompt far broader discussions. This DPhil has been so much more than the words herein because of your attitude to learning.

Staff at the School of Geography and the Environment have opened doors, facilitated adventures and advised on everything from catering to comms, IT and electrical tools. My early stage assessors offered valuable advice: David Bannister, Paul Jepson, Gillian Petrokofsky, Tim Hodgetts and Rob Whittaker.

The General Sir John Monash Foundation, BHP and my fellow scholars have both made studying in the UK possible and enormously inspiring. Special thanks to Peter Binks and my Oxford Monash colleagues. Travel and fieldwork grants were provided by Wolfson College and the School of Geography and the Environment at Oxford, British Ecological Society and Mistra EviEM. An Australian Bicentennial Scholarship helped with the purchase of a computer and a Vice-Chancellor’s Fund Award assisted me in my final year.

The Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, welcomed me in my final writing-up phase as a Visiting Student. The School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography at Bangor University, the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science at the University of Queensland and the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Sydney hosted my visits in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

My co-authors are all listed herein and deserve many thanks for insightful discussions and collaborations. I have attempted to thank research contacts, interviewees and advisors throughout in paper acknowledgements, but there are many more who have shared advice, papers, ideas and encouragement so I can only hope to pass the same on to others who follow me. The Forestry Commission in the UK were incredibly welcoming, Jonathan Spencer and John Stride, and I hope to do their work justice in upcoming articles even though it has not made it into this thesis.

There are too many friends and supporters to name individually (see above), but particular thanks to all those in the School of Geography and Environment DPhil and broader community who have provided friendship, support, hilarity and love on cue. Special thanks to my lab mates Adam Formica, Boipelo Tshwene-Mauchaza, Claudia Comberti, Laila Al Harthy, John Mittermeier, Jennifer Gooden, Joseph Poore and Uri Roll.

I may never have applied for a PhD if it were not for Bruce Thom, Ian Poiner and Caroline MacFarlane pushing me to improve my scientific credentials so that I can bring more weight to environmental policy discussions. I can only hope to achieve as much positive change as they have.

Working throughout the DPhil has been challenging but I have been lucky to have been employed in supportive and stimulating workplaces. Special thanks to Wolfson College, Yadvinder Malhi, the BCM MSc team, the Stanford Centre and the Great British Oceans coalition.

To my parents Daphne and Robert, your support means the world to me. Finally, Ashton, we did this one together. Special thanks for the holidays along the way!

This thesis is dedicated to Claudia Comberti, who continues to inspire so many.”

My handing in heroes: Filipa, Dina, Boi and Jaeyoung!


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